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Only 1 week until Xmas is here-Hope that you're enjoying our countup to it. And that you'll stick around for lots more fun and surprizes.

Meanwhile, in day job news, we've bundled 2 galleries for today. The intergender contest for this month's gallery is a recent release with Titan crushing Justine Silver and Leah Von Dutch quite handily. And our classics gallery (60 of 'em now? Wow!) is devoted to 2 specific misstresses of the mats-Candi Devine and Debbie Combs.

titan vs 2 class

See you tomorrow for...?


If you're the type to only visit once a week, a lot happened over this last weekend. Our XMas Countdown has begun with lots of deals and previously unreleased (we hope!) freebies being offered from now until the Big Day.

Also of note: Please take a look at this to help Lexie out on an upcoming run.
. Anything is appreciated.

Not to worry-the regular Update has not been negelcted. Today we present The Kitten facing Sassy Stephie.

kathy vs stephie kathy vs stephie

Lots to do and see, so please keep checking in!


It's that year of time again-Christmas is here and we're going to celebrate!

Once again we find ours-elfs near year's end. It isn't for another 12 days, but if you need a little Christmas now, we're here for you with some fun, some action, Twitter giveaways (we hope) and just outright free stuff. Counting down to the big day from here we're going to have some fun galleries, look back at some great matches, have a multitude of sale options, debut a match or 2 and ask you to show how us how big a fan you are.
If you take your wrestling all blood and gutsy and seeerious business, please be elsewhere for the next 2 weeks, because we're on a different sleigh ride.

That said, snowplace elf does it like we do and we're glad that you'll be along for the ride. Look for the seasonal banners on our front page here at SLAMminLadies and over on SLAMpegs for access to some awesome deals and bonus content throughout the 12 Days.

Whatever your outlook, there should be some kind of celebration happening for you over the next couple of weeks and we wish you health and prosperity as part of that.
Though it's true every year, 2015 could do with some Peace on Earth and more Goodwill towards Men than ever, so please keep those in your hearts and hopefully they'll spread to others that need it.
It's Christmas, Theo. It's the time of miracles...


Before her emmalution, Tenille was in the Shack taking on LIttle Jeanne and we give you the photographic proof (though hopefully you've long had SLAMpeg 605 in your collection.)

jeanne vs tenille jeanne vs tenille

We add a few shots from Monday's Members Match as well.

Like your matches in front of an audience? We've got a pretty awesome gallery of photos from this past weekend's SHINE 23. See for yourself in the Free Galleries section.

Let's see: Today is the eleventh, tomorrow is the 12th--that makes Saturday 12/13/14! In the planning since 11/12/13, please be here as we give you a weekend full of laughs, announcements, action and math to get you into the holiday spirit!!


That was the weekend that was. 2014's last shoot, last SHINE and one of the most hectic jobs of organization that we've had. All that could be done is in the can and we're ready to move things along.

So, fo you we have a macth between Marti Belle and Saraya. A rematch of a sort if you've gotten SLAMpeg 2162. Or, if you enjoy today's offering, you can get even more by purchasing...SLAMpeg 2162.

marti vs saraya marti vs saraya


Fresh from our latest SLAMpegs release, we have a photoset from #2158, the newly recruited Bambi Hall facing the stalwart Mschif. Maybe some haven't heard of here, but she surely gave Mschif a challenging contest.

bambi vs mschif bambi vs mschif

We're also giving you some shot's from Monday' match and the November Daily SLAMs.

Gotta get through this weekend's SHINE show and then shoot, then it's all eyes towards 12-13-14. Do a little math and you should get excited, because we are!


Here we are in the last month of 2014 and we are kicking it off like a bigshot!
Our regular video match update is Amber O'Neal and April Hunter in settling things in a ref-less style.

april vs amber amber vs april

We've also go a new free gallery with some pretty major hitters-Malia Hosaka and Madison Eagles. With 102 galleries in that section now, it'll be time to do some pruning around the first of the year.
Over on SLAMpegs.com we've posted a grabbag of 30 new videos. A couple of debuting ladies, matches as cheap as 5 bucks and plenty of action.

And we're having a 1 Day Cyber Monday Sale! Details can be found from a link on the Home page, so take advantage of Buy 2 Get 1 Free prices on DVDs and select SLAMpegs to get you caught up before 2015 comes around!


Happy Turkey Day if that's a thing that you do. Hope you have a great extended weekend. Regardless of where you're at, we've all got things to do this weekend, so we're posting this update nice and early-we've gotplaces to go and things to eat! It's a preview of some of next month's material-the debuting KC Cassidy versus the always dangerous Evie. We think that you'll agree it'll be worth looking for in December.

evie vs kc evie vs kc

And the aforementioned December is literally right around the corner. We're not big on Black Friday, but we embrace the Cyber Monday. Plus it's the first day of the month and we all know what that means. Actually, for once we do all know--30 new video matches, a new free gallery, the regular video update and a sale!
Be here as we extend your extended weekend by just a bit more!


Battle of the champs today as Jessicka Havok battles Mia Yim in our ring!

jessicka vs mia jessicka vs mia

THings not going your way of late? Why not try our newest Kharma SLAMpeg and see if it'll turn that thing around for ya'. Available here for your aural pleasure


Third Thursday-but not Thanksgiving yet! We've still got a cornucopia of photos for you!
First up is Heidi Lovelace vs Jason Cade from a fairly recent release. Then we've got another set of classic photos. Quite a few of these are unidentified-any clues please pass them along! Then we've got a short set of photos from Monday's Members match.

heidi vs jason class 59


How about a match between Ivelisse and Amazing Kong? How about it, huh?

ivelisse vs kong ivelisse vs kong

We released 5 new epic-length contests over the weekend over on SLAMpegs.com. Some really good stuff-please have a look.

One more item: We're looking for a Match of the Year to do a little something-sumthin' with in December sometime. SLAMpegs #1732 and up are eligible.

Couple more rules:
Only 1 choice per person.
You have to have bought and seen the entire match (votes not based on synapsis and previews)
More honesty, less biasy--We'd like you to resist just voting for your favorite ladies paired or one of your own custom purchases (please give it some thought based on the entirety of match's package overall). If that's what you've got that's fine, but please apply your thinker first.

Work it out and drop us your vote in an email to slamminladies123@gmail.com. We'll compile things and then send them to the workshop for the final verdict.
Thank you in advance!


After quite the "mini-shoot", we're here today to bring you the newest update.
But first, the 2014 PWI Top 50 list is making the rounds-guess who's had 34 of those 50 through their doors? Including half of the top 10!!

But enough about us-here are today's new additions. First we've got a set of photos from a fairly recent match between most-times partners Allysin Kay and Taylor Made.

allysin vs taylor allysin vs taylor

While we're at we'll also add October's Daily Slams and a nice big gallery from Monday's match as well.

Like your matches with some meat on them? We've got 5 new ones coming to SLAMpegs tomorrow that'll be just right for you then!


International matchup today with Hiroyo Matsumoto taking on Santana! And that should be all that we need to say about that.

hiroyo vs santana hiroyo vs santana


Fresh from our latest SLAMpegs update, this photoset would be hard to Beat! It's Kimber Lee vs Solo Darling in a very entertaining match reffed by Rain.

kimber vs solo kimber vs solo


November is here and we usher it in with an out-of-uniform match between Cherry Bomb and Rain.

cherry vs rain cherry vs rain

And that ain't all: We've also pulled together quite the shoot for December. A really diverse list of ladies and even a debut, so please take a look!


A lot of things happening today-Let's sort them out, shall we?

First, it's the regular photogallery update showcasing a great match between Jessie McKay and Santana. We've also posted a nice set of shots from Monday's match.

jessie vs santana jessie vs santana

Then, we've a slightly early update to SLAMpegs--30 new videos with about 50 of your favorites. Buy now because plane tickets and hotels ain't cheap!

Lastly we've got a seasonal special-Like to be scared? Then dig our front page for a Spectre-tacular video that you can get for free for just a couple of days. When the spirits are gone the crypt will close, so enjoy...If You Dare!!! See you over the weekend for this month's new Free Gallery?


Wanna see Kimberly get dominated by Fantasia? That's just what we have in today's update.

fantasia vs kimberly fantasia vs kimberly

But that ain't all--We're having a mini-shoot around traveling guest Angela Fong. Small in size and small in personnel, it'll feature a visit from Kimberly also (funny how that works out...) and will likely fill up fast!
And there's a new Kharma video over on SLAMpegs.com-5 bucks for a great match!


Reaching back and pulling out a good old set of photos is pretty satisfying-means we've been getting it right for a while! Today we give you Lacey and Malia Hosaka from a while back and it do hold up!

lacey vs malia lacey vs malia

Look also for a set of shots from Monday's match!


After a tumultuous couple of weeks of shooting, traveling, haunting, hosting, muddin' and more, things are set to settle down for a spell (Not for long-watch the Customs page for news!).
While we work behind the scenes, please to enjoy today's match between Diane Von Hoffman and an over-matched Su Yung.

diane vs su diane vs su


Weeks' been speeding by-plenty of work done and still to do. There's better than 30 people all wondering, "When will I get it?", so it's back to it soon...
When the world needs another almost 100 wrestling matches, we'll have them ready. Lots of action, some...interesting scenarios and a few surprise appearances--We've seen some really dedicated and pleasant to be around lads and lasses come through the doors of late, so watch for upcoming releases

Meanstwhile, you can enjoy this at the very Least: It's Veda Scott facing the challenge of Chasyn Rance in a Favorite match from a while back. People bought it and we give you a set of photos from it In the intergender Wrestling update today.
We also give to you a set of classic photos focused on Japanese Wrestlers from a while back. And we add some photos from Monday's Members Match.

veda vs chasyn classics 58

Shooting and updating aside, we've also given you a set of 200+ shots from last weekend's SHINE 22 and 5 new intergender SLAMpegs this week, so don't say you've got nothing to do!


Doesn't get much busier for us than these Fight Season weeks and we've been maxing it out this go-around! You can look forward to some really diverse match-ups, some amazing characters and tremendous action over the coming months.

In the meantime, how abut a Camel Clutch filled match between Jayme Jameson and Leah Von Dutch?

jayme vs leah jayme vs leah

Coming up in just a couple of days you can look for 5 new SLAMpegs releases put together for the Intergender fans in our audience!


Photos today from a rough match between Lufisto and Tina San Antonio. Not seen the match? Maybe this will put it on your list!

lufisto vs tina lufisto vs tina


We kick off the new month video-wise by posting today's match between Kellie Skater and Cherry Layne.

cherry vs kellie cherry vs kellie

SHINE 22 now in view-this weekend is full of action you can see and you'll see. Use the banner on the Home page to see the show and watch our Twitter for some updates of all the goings on!


October kicks off big-you've already seen (we hope) our 30 new SLAMpegs and the new Free Gallery. Now we bring you a set of shots from a match between Lorelei Lee and Taeler Hendrix. AND last month's DailySLAMs!

lorlei vs taeler lorlei vs taeler


Last update of September-Rocktober on the horizon!
We wrap the month with a mean hair-centric match between Evie and Justine Silver. You'll just have to see how mean things get!

evie vs justine evie vs justine

Need more or need some help? Then we've got a new Good Kharma SLAMpeg avaiable. Still more? We just may have 30 new somethings for you tomorrow...


Pretty rare matchup showcased today-It's a gallery of Mia Yim facing Shantelle Taylor. We're also tossing in the shots from Monday's Member's Match.

mia vs shantelle mia vs shantelle


If there had been a ref for this match, it would have been very short as a catsuit-clad Leva gives as good as she gets to Saraya Knight inside and outside of the ring in today's new match update. A very long sentence indeed!

leva vs saraya leva vs saraya


Thursday 3fer today with bunches of photos--and some mystery, Scoob!
We give you your third Thursday dose of intergender action, dipping into the vaults for a contest between Madison Eagles and Austin Amadeus. Not really a contest as Austin's having an off day and gets pretty much demolished.
Then we post an assortment of Classics that, frankly we're just too lazy to do the due diligence on so they're all unidentified. Some of them are pretty recognizable, but many are pretty tough, so if you're in the mood, please set us straight on what you know.

austin vs madison class57

We wrap it all up with a set of shots from Monday's Match and bid you adieu until Monday.


It's mid-month madness today with a great new video update and a great new videos update!
First, in today's site update, we have Miss Rachel coming into the ring with the very nasty intent of doing permanent damage to poor Su Yung's leg and ankle.

ms rachel vs su ms rachel vs su

Then, over on SLAMpegs. we've got 5 fresh new videos featuring Ivelisse against a variety of opponents of both sexes!


The watchful might have a pretty good idea of what's coming up for the midmonth update, but just to solidify that notion, here's further evidence in the form of shots from a match between Ivelisse and Marti Belle for today's update.

ivelisse vs marti ivelisse vs marti


Athena vs Niya -who needs last names when you've got a great match to share? Get it today!

athena vs niya athena vs niya

In other news, we posted the lineup for our October shoot and it's a doozie! Plenty of international names and some of the best from this hemisphere as well, so check it out and see what we can do for you.


Today we've got Allysin Kay and Angel Williams (plus a little Sassy Stephie) demonstrating the Piledriver on each other both in and out of the ring in our latest Posed Action gallery. Plus we fill things out with last month's Daily SLAMs.

allysin vs angel allysin vs angel

You may also be interested in knowing that we've posted 30 new matches over on SLAMpegs.com. Over 50 wrestlers are featured in a variety of matches, so go look for your faves!


August flew by and we are here to greet September with a match between Rain and Shanna. Come and see it, won't you?

rain vs shanna rain vs shanna

Looking for more? You'll want to be around later in the week as we unleash another 30 new matches on SLAMpegs.com!


Dipping into the vault a bit to bring you some exciting shots from SLAMpeg 967, a match between Christina Von Eerie and Santana.

christina vs santana christina vs santana

If you're looking for more, why not try our newest free gallery featuring over 300 shots from this past weekend's SHINE 21 show. Then go buy the replay from the banner link on our Home page!


Wotta weekend it was, but now we're back at you with a new match between Jessicka Havok (timely!) and April Hunter. Enjoy while we get back to work...

april vs jessicka april vs jessicka


That time again as we give you intergender and classic action.
We start you off with a set of photos from a fairly recent release featuring Su Yung and Tommy Taylor and then add some great action and posed shots of some of your favorite lady wrestlers from the past!

su vs tommy class 56

Want to get on the good side? We've got a new Good Kharma SLAMpeg on offer-please check it out!

SHINE 21 coming this weekend. Custom shoot this weekend.
See you when we come out the other side of it all-unless you're here everyday for the Daily SLAMs!


It's Jessie Belle, it's Serena Deeb and it's here for you today!

jessie belle vs serena jessie belle vs serena


Size mismatch fans, here's one for you! Shots from a recently released match between The Kitten and Solo Darling!
kitten vs solo kitten vs solo

Tomorrow is the middle of the month. Wonder what might happen then?


Start your week off right with this match between Nevaeh and Xandra Bale!

nevaeh vs xandra nevaeh vs xandra

Getting ready for SHINE 21-derful? We are!


Today we've got a set of pictures from a very recent release: Fantasia vs Mia Yim! We're also serving up photos from Monday's Members Match and the Daily SLAMs from July (seems like so long ago...)

fantasia vs mia fantasia vs mia


First match of the new month and as we resume normal function we bring you a submissions only contest between Justine Silver and Saraya. Ouch!

justine vs saraya justine vs saraya


Well, this is it-closing out the Anniversary month of July. We laughed, we cried, we had some pizza--Quite the ride!
We cap it all off with a posed action gallery featuring some ladies who only need one name apiece: Ivelisse, Santana and Shanna.

iss1 iss2

Ready for the next decade? We are as we announce the participants in our next shoot and the immediate future looks pretty bright. Visit the Customs page for a pretty hefty roster of ladies just waiting to get into the ring with each other!

The month's over today, but if you're here for wrestling, I'd come by again on the first of August just to see what's new...


Last week of July and we are sprinting to the finish.
Hopefully you were around this weekend as we posted another 10 new matches to SLAMpegs.com. Matches were on super sale over the weekend, but they're still on sale now, so take advantage before it's over. No more sales until Xmas time and that's a long dry spell...

If we have to spell it out:

What have we got today? A match between Angel Williams and Su Yung, that's what!

angel vs su angel vs su


New photoset today from a match that we just released on the new Best of Leva DVD. It's available exclusively there, but you can get some photos from it here!

angel vs leva angel vs leva

Our contest is over, but a sale lingers on-but only until midnight tonight so take advantage!
See you here for tomorrow's Freaky Friday feature and...?


Back from another weekend and rarin' to go!
We kick things off with a match between Rachel Summerlyn and Santana that you're going to enjoy! Good back and forth stuff!

rachel vs santana rachel vs santana

We posted 10 brand new matches last Friday and there's an ongoing sale, in case you didn't know. Our Guess the Close-Ups contest is still going on-and it is possible to get them all (as a couple have proven), so don't you go quitin' on us!. We changed out the Kharma video over on SLAMpegs.com
We've also got big things going on all of this week, so be sure and check in with us each day!


Already the 3rd Thursday of July. It is just screaming by!
So, today we have an intengender photoset featuring Leah Von Dutch and Jason Cade as well as some classic ladies photos. That's a lot, but be sure to check after the preview photos to see what else we have going on!

leah jason classics

It's the last day of our DVD sale-Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Full details are on the DVDs page.
Last day of our current sale on $15 downloads--and we're going to goose it and make it just a little better for the last day, so head over to SLAMpegs.
We've also got a contest going on for the Anniversary. Full details and the relevant gallery are on the Anniversary news page.

And we ain't stopping there so be here again tomorrow for more action and more thrills!


One of the cool things that happens around here is that you never know who might show up at the SLAM Shack. To namedrop a few-Jimmy Hart, Chris Jericho, Austin Aries, Low Ki, Jay Lethal, Stacy Carter and a couple of FreightTrains!
Today we're proud to bring you a match between and Joyce Grable as an example of unexpected folk that come into our orbit time to time.

grable kai grable kai

As your source for site news, we feel compelled to relay the following:
Our ebay store is open here: SLAM Shack. Lots of one-of-a-kind offerings throughout the month.
Over the weekend we posted some great ladies matches from the Full Impact Pro promotion. Just 5 bucks each. Those are here.
We put up another 5 new matches on SLAMpegs. Plus there's a sale going on!
We've got 10 new DVDs for sale and on sale right here.

All of that adds up to:

Be here tomorrow for Twofer Tuesday!


Here's a nice addition to your day-a new photogallery update and a passel of new DVDs!
First, we've got a set of photos from a match between LeiLani Kai and Miss Rachel.

Then we've got 10 new DVDs-4 Best Ofs and 6 Members Match compilations. Never a better time to get them as they're brand new and they're on sale, Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
Curious? We've put together a gallery of shots to let you see what you'd get-Look for the link on the Anniversary Updates page!

Don't forget that our current downloads sale is done tonight-you can still Buy any 2 $25 matches and get the free $10 match of your choice (active members get a slightly better deal...).

Be sure and join us tomorrow as we'll have another photoset and some brand new downloads!


On the other side of a long weekend-turns out we didn't take it off!
We posted a pretty huge SHINE 20 gallery-over 400 shots from a show that people are still talking about.
We also posted 5 new SLAMpegs and there's a sale going on.

If you're here for today's regular update, we present to you a match between Leva and Hailey Hatred. Always expect the unexpected!

Tomorrow is Twofer Tuesday-be sure and stop by to see what we'll have for you!


A lot has happened since Monday's update-Hopefully you've been checking us out as we celebrate our 10th year in business.
We've already posted some bonus photosets and a video--and there's plenty more to come!

Today, for the regular update, we've got a set of photos from SLAMpeg 1483, a match between Leva and Lorelei Lee.

The ebay store is open once more-retired ring attire, t-shirts and more throughout the month. Deals here!
Tomorrow's the 4th and we'll be here to celebrate with an exclusive free video match filmed just this last weekend-plus plenty more fun and thrills including a sale and some new macthes for sale. Be there (or we're wasting our time!).


Coming down from the high of a remarkable show and a cumulative 20 hours of tapings, we take a deep breath and prepare to plunge into the unknown quantity that is July...

But first, we pause to bring you your regularly scheduled new match featuring Jessie Belle and Nikki Storm in a hairpulling-centered bit of meanness.

We've gotten some questions about older members matches lately, so it's worth stating again-5 complete matches are posted at any one time in the Members section. They are rotated out and replaced at the rate of one per week so A) There's always something new to see and B) You need to stay on your toes to see everything.
The best way not to miss anything is to maintain your membership, beacuse the DVD compilations are a year or more behind (and that's actually on purpose to reward the faithful).

It's the first of 5 total updates this week. Tomorrow we'll hit you with a plethora of information, galleries and matches, so be here and check the Home page for a VIB (Very Important Banner) and be ready as we give you excellent reasons to:


As we take a breath and prepare for what will be a very busy weekend, let us tell you a little about it.
SHINE 20 is tomorrow-Action aplenty at SHINE 20! Be there in person or get it online right here!

Before and after that we'll be shooting a ton-load of matches that'll involve lots of your favorites. Be looking over the coming months for what should be some pretty tremendous matches!

As soon as the weekend wraps, we'll be prepping and pimping our upcoming 10th Anniversary next month. We're ready-you should be getting ready to see what we have lined up for you.

As a warm up, we have for you today's regular update-photos from a fairly recent match between Courtney Rush and Evie facing the challenge of Jessie McKay and Santana. Check it out!


Portia Perez and Santana in a mean spirited and leg-centric match today!

And, just so you know:

We're ready, but you've got no idea...


Intergender and Classic photos today-LuFisto vs Chasyn Rance in a very back-and-forth contest and a big batch of photos from the distant and recent past with a slight emphasis on the great and formidable Wendi Richter!
As a bonus (and a reminder!), we've also got a set of photos from a classic match between Diane Von Hoffman and Joey Knight. At this point we hope that we wouldn't have to remind you why we might be doing that...


One of our good friends is having a more than rough go of it lately. If you can, please help her out-Diane Von Hoffman's GoFundMe.

New video day so you get to see Brandi Wine taking on Nevaeh!

Hope your Father's Day festivities including checking out our 5 newest releases over on SLAMpegs.com. Angel Williams is the featured wrestler as she has matches with a variety of tough opponents.


Tag Team action today as we present some dynamite pictures from a fairly recent release. The team of Amber O'Neal and Santana face the challenge of Taeler Hendrix and Xandra Bale!

Your plans for the weekend should include a stop by our sister site, SLAMpegs.com, to see 5 angelic new releases on Sunday the 15th!


Monday brings you another new match-Ivelisse versus Lacey. As far as we know, we've only brought you one other pairing of these 2 before, so we think we can call it a rare treat!


A glimpse into the future as we preview an upcoming SLAMpegs release. April Hunter and Kay Lee Ray will have you seeing red for days as they tangle in today's photoset.

While you're in the members area also look for a set of shots from Monday's match and last month's collected Daily SLAMs.

Our Customs list has gone through a bit of amending, so be sure and check it our and contact us before it's too late (and we are filling up...)


A new month has arrived and with it, lots 'o stuff!
The Members Section has been updated with the addition of a new match between Josie and Luscious Latasha.

If that leaves you craving even more wrestling action, you can check out the 30 new matches we posted over the weekend over on SLAMpegs. The site debut of Kay Lee Ray, some intense intergender matches and lots more!

While we were here over the weekend we also added a new Free Gallery.
And we cap it all off with the formal announcement of our upcoming June shoot with some debuts, some long-absent types and some returns that might surprise. We won't be shooting in July and August is a ways away, so you'll want to choose now over on the Customs page!


Amber O'Neal and Rain are featured in today's photoset update. Good straight-ahead wrestling? Here it is!

As momentum builds towards the end of May look for a new batch of videos to be released over this coming weekend over on SLAMpegs.com!


Long weekend with many missions accomplished.
SHINE 19 was very well received, our latest shoot was completed with relatively few hiccups and here we are with a brand new update plus!

Angel Williams versus Serena Deeb in today's Members Match?! Take that--well, nobody really because there just isn't anybody else that offers you that kind of talent in an exclusive match!

If that weren't enough, we've also got a new Free Gallery from this past weekend's SHINE show. Over 300 shots with some great action, intense character and a few barely-captured finishes (to be absolutely honest about things...) But lots of worthwhile photos that we hope you'll enjoy and that'll inspire you to spread the word about just how good SHINE shows typically are!


Coincidental or carefully planned-you decide!
Today's new photoset showcases Santana and Jayme Jameson

We also provide a set of shots from Monday's match.

Need to generate a little positivity in your life? We've assigned a new Good Kharma SLAMpeg over on SLAMpegs.com for just that purpose. Cheap and helpful, contribute now!

Ready for SHINE 19 this weekend? Hope so, because it's gonna happen regardless and you should be there! Use the banner link on our Home page and we get a little kickback from your enjoyment!


New video match day as we present Kristin Astara vs Malia Hosaka!


Value-added day as we post a whopping 4 photosets today!
It's the third Thursday, so we've got shots from an intergender tag-Kimberly and Nikki Roxx facing down Kevin Matthews and Titan. We've also got a great new Classics gallery with lots of photos of one of our faves, LeiLani Kai! We throw in the shots from Monday' Members Match and then the April Daily SLAMs to round things out nicely.

And speaking of guys fightin' gals, we have released 5 new matches featuring Rain taking on a wide variety of fellas. From the larger to the smaller, shes takes on them all(-er)! Check them out over on SLAMpegs.


April Hunter and Jazz have a match for today's Members Area update.

Those of you that just check in here to see what we're up to, never dreaming of actually signing up to see everything--you're missing out. Hundreds of photogalleries with thousands of action shots that you can only see here, exclusive video matches by some of the best in the wrestling biz--AND you become entitled to a 20% discount on SLAMpegs purchases! Again, a-May-zing!

Be around later in the week as there's every chance of some Rain in the forecast!


Howzabout some unreleased action between Jessicka Havok and Mia Yim as your photoset update for the week?


The new match for today: Miss Rachel takes on Sassy Stephie! A-MAY-zing!


Hurray! Hurray! The first of May!
We give to you a set of photos from SLAMpeg 974 (Man do time fly!) with Alexxis Nevaeh and Angela Fong.

We toss in a set of photos from Monday's Members Match as well for that skosh of extra value!

Hopefully you came by the other day when we posted another 30 new matches to SLAMpegs.com. Priced as low as $5, there's a really wide variety of talent and match types available in that update!


3 things to spotlight today!
Firstly, there's a new match up between Jessie McKay and Kellie Skater, 2 longtime rivals.

Secondly, over the weekend we put up a 350 shot free gallery from SHINE 18. Some nice action and some nice character shots, so please have a look.

And thirdly, we've got the shoot lineup for next month finalized over on the Customs page. We'll be imposing a more severe limit on the number of projects accepted, so if you're interested, please do get your ducks in their rows accordingly.

Look for the new batch of SLAMpegs to be available very soon-could be Thursday, could be earlier, so stay alert and stay informed.


More barefoot action today with a photoset featuring Erica D'Erico wrestling Kimberly.


Another SHIMMERSHINE couple of weeks finished. Quite the passport-flashing, miles-logging, fun-having, match-making time!

While we work behind the scenes we offer you a change of pace match between Amazing Kong and Luscious Latasha. Seeing will lead to believing...


Want intergender action? Want to re-experience some great old memories? Great!!
We've got a set of shots from a recent release with Shanna and Rich Swann and 50 black and white classics as well.

Big weekend on the horizon-check out the ladies in live action at SHINE, Femmes Fatales or somewhere closer to your location!


New video today and some good Kharma can be headed your way!
Cherry Layne takes on Tracy Taylor in today's new match update.

Then, over on SLAMpegs, we've assigned a new Kharma video for your viewing pleasure and personal enrichment!

Looking towards tomorrow, be back around for the release of 5 new footloose and fancy free matches!


Busy days-Just enough time to let you know that we've got a new photoset featuring Amy Love and Leva up today. You might even be able to draw some conclusion about April's coming mid-month SLAMpegs update from it!


April's first real match is up today and it's a contest between Amber O'Neal and Angel Williams. It's a one-sided leg-centric affair.


Photos from a fairly recent match between Leah Von Dutch and Mercedes Martinez are today's featured update!

Our unofficial fightseason starts tomorrow, so if you're emailing in about potential custom matches please allow some extra time for replies. It's going to be spread out over a couple of weeks, so we thank you in advance for your patience.


One month ends, the next begins right after-or sometimes slightly before...
We cap off March with a match between Ivelisse and Solo Darling. Sock it to me, baby!

Then, to look slightly backwards, we snuck in the April batch of 30 new SLAMpegs over the weekend. See the debuts of a couple of new guys and some of your favorite ladies represent in all kinds of different encounters.
And, finally, looking towards the morrow, we'll ba back here with a brand new Free Gallery and the first of our new Free Match series-look for the link on the front page. We'll kick it off with Solo Darling again, this time taking on Leva!
See you again tomorrow, right?


Mysterious Masked Maulers of the Mats are featured today!
Have a gander at these masked and un-booted ladies as they fight until their identities are revealed!

Our April shoot list is up and ready for your perusal. Even after just a couple of days we can tell you that some of these ladies' schedules are going to fill up fast! We plan to be shooting over a 2 week span (hence our answer to that frequently asked question, "When will you shoot my match?", being dunno for sure...) so there's lots of space, but don't let your favorites get booked out from under you!


Video time once more--This week we bring to you LuFisto and Taylor Made!

We are inches away from having our UltraMegaAprilSHINESHIMMER shoot list ready to unveil. Tomorrow maybe? Fingers crossed!


It's the 3rd Thursday and we've got a photo double feature for you.
First it's a set of shots from a recently released intergender match between Sassy Stephie and the always entertaining Cruz. We pair that with another Classics gallery. Some of these shots are not identified-Got any ideas, please let us know.

What's on the horizon for us? We should have our April shoot lineup together pretty soon and we're gathering next month's releases together. We're likely adding a new first of the month feature-to go along with the monthly free gallery we're going to add a monthly free video as well. Look for that to debut sooner than later.


Top 'o the mornin' to ya', whatever time it may be!
Seeing as how this update happens to fall on St. Patty's Day, we've put together a special challenge match between Heidi O'Lovelace and Solo McDarling. These lassies are sure'n ready for a foight!


Hard to believe that it was so long ago, but we revisit match #754 (we're up in the 1800s now!) with a photoset of Angela Fong and Courtney Rush.

And then we toss in the photoset from Monday's match too.

We've got SHINE shows 5 and 6 now available as individual matches for purchase over on SLAMpegs. You can get #5 on DVD here, but we're the only place for #6 (unless you want the whole show from here, which ain't a bad idea either).

More cheap wrestling that'll make you feel good? How about a new Good Kharma SLAMpeg?

More new videos? You'll want to be around this weekend for our 2nd Annual March Hair event with 5 new matches that'll make you wig out! They're to dye for! (and ! again!)


Finally out from under last week's shooting and processing. Lexie was crazy enough to attempt over 70 projects and fortunately had the team to get them done. Thanks to all participating talent!

Seen our free SHINE 17 gallery? Over 400 shots from that barn-burner of a show.

Today we post for you a match between Jessie Belle and Santana. Boston Crab fans take note!

We're mulling over a new free feature for the site that might start next month. More news as it develops...


Giant photoset from one of the matches released less than a week ago-it's Lacey and Su Yung in a real battle of wills. Already a best seller, this showcase should convince the stragglers.

We round it out with shots from this week's Members Match and then add the February Daily SLAMs!


Wotta Weekend! Great show with new Tag Champs and one long @$$ shoot afterwards.

While we work away behind the scenes here, we offer to you the first video of March, Brandi Wine vs Kimberly. As good as you'd expect, so don't miss it.

Don't expect any news on April's shoot for a couple of weeks, but we can tell you that it's a pretty mouthwatering assemblage of talent.
Over the weekend we also posted a new Free Gallery for your enjoyment. Now you can say that you've seen Fire and you've seen Rain...

If you're in the mood for even more action, check out the 30 new matches for sale over on SLAMpegs.com!


What?! The end of the month already?
Yep, shore is and we see it out with a set of photos from SLAMpeg 1211. See Divina and Taylor Made in action!

Got a busy weekend coming up-SHINE 17 will see the strapping of their first Tag Team Champs. See it live or on replay here.
Then we're having a shoot-look for a surprise or 2 coming out of that (fingers crossed).
Because of that, look for the new batch 'o 30 SLAMpegs coming up on Sunday the 2nd. No sense putting them up when we can't fill the orders, so look for them to brighten up your pre-Oscars fest!


Shortened month brings us to this month's final video posting. We make it a good one by pitting Nevaeh against Saraya in a fierce hairpulling-centric match.


Third Thursday of the month arrives with the posting of shots from an unreleased match between Mia Yim and Titan. We also give you a great selection of shots from the past in yet another Classics gallery.


New match today-and a unique one. Ever seen Luscious Latasha and Rain go at it? Now you you can say that you have!

Over the weekend we posted 5 new SLAMpegs and we tinkered with the Customs lineup, so be sure and click around.


A densley packed 3 days comin' up-Are you ready?

It starts now with the Thursday update-a photoset from a recently released match between Evie and Shazza McKenzie. Down under action!

We're throwing in a set from Monday's match as well, because we're nice like that.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and we've got a gift for you. Whatsit? You'll have about 24 hours to see, but you're going to Loves it!

Then Saturday we'll be slipping you 5 new SLAMpegs each priced at just $5.
If you like free and cheap, we're here for you this weekend!


New match today with Rhia O'Reilly (yes, really) taking on Santana. Some nice moves to be seen in this one.

We've also assigned a new Kharma video today. Get a great match for a bargain price and help out your fellow citizens of this Earth.

And, a bit prematurely still yet finally and at last, we've got an almost complete list of who'll be here to shoot later this month. Check out the Customs page if that's something of interest to you and you'll see some great ladies to mix and match in all sorts of zany combinations.
Look for more later this week!


We didn't have to dig too deeply to find today's photoset-it's from a just released match between Leva and Jessie McKay!

What's up with February's Customs List? We're not being dodgey, we're not being lazy, it's just one of the hazards of being tied into another project. Until SHINE announces all of the participants in their tournament this month, our hands are kind of tied as to who we can announce ourselves.
So far it's been the SNS Express, The West Coast Connection and Made in Sin. We can also tell you that Kimberly, Santana and Mia Yim will likely be here as well.
Beyond that, we're not yet at liberty so please keep an eye open and your wallet close and you won't be disappointed. If all goes well, we'll have a rare favorite or 2, a debut, the usual great selection of guys and all kinds of sizes and styles represented!

We're getting kind of antsy too!


Let's kick off a short month with some big action-Tag Team Action!
We teamed Amazing Kong with Cherry Layne and pitted them against the teaming of Sex Kitten Kathy and Miss Rachel and the ring (and the building!) shook with some of the impacts.


The end of month 1, 2014 is here and we send it out with a huge gallery of photos from SLAMpeg 871 featuring the always ruthless Betsy Ruth wrestling Jayme Jameson.

That plus a set of shots from Monday's match and you've got lots 'o shots!

Don't stray too far from the sites this weekend as we could have a new batch of matches up for you as soon as tomorrow! In fact, count on it.


Wow, quite the weekend-a hot and well reviewed show and a busy taping that included 3 debuts.

While we toil in the background, please to enjoy today's Update match between Big Red April Hunter and Sara Del Rey!

One shoot down and the next is on the horizon. We've got a pretty good idea of who's coming, but we have to wait for some other things to be in place before we can give you the list. Suffice it to say, it's gonna be stacked and will include some ladies that hardly ever get down this way.
And, not to put too much tease in the update--April is looking pretty hot as well as SHINE and SHIMMER coincide and work to bring you some outstanding ladies from here, there and everywhere!


It's SHINE eve-be sure and get in on what's looking to be a pretty tremendous card! You can do that here.

Here and now: We've got a set of shots from a future release featuring Kellie Skater taking on Shanna.

Yeah, we've got stuff worth keeping a lookout for.


Here's a match that you don't get to see every week: Brandi Wine facing Mickie Knuckles!


The 3rd Thursday brings new Intergender and Classics photosets!
Ariel vs Shane Spears fulfill the former and a small tribute to Mae Young and some great classic action shots fill the latter.

We've posted 5 new SLAMpegs with a Domestic vs Imported theme to help you fill the time until Februsary's new batch of matches.

SHINE 16 is just around the corner-available here-so be sure and get a piece of that action!


New video match today with Kristin Astara getting owned by Su Yung.

We've also got a new Kharma vid to announce as well-as Kimberly takes on Tina San Antonio. Just 5 bucks from you and a donation to a worthy charity is painlessly made. Last month's video kind of got overshadowed by all of the sales shenanigans, so we're going to roll the charity over into February.

Be here in a few days as we pit Imports and Domestics against each other for a mid-month clash of cultures!


Today's feature is a gallery of photos from SLAMpeg 1523, Jessie Belle getting her legs very harshly worked over by Nikki Roxx.


First video of the New Year is now here! It's a match between Leah Von Dutch and Xandra Bale and you can see it now!

Our January shoot filled really quickly for which we thank you. Those that failed to get on that boat, fear not because there's another ship on the way. We'll be back in a few weeks with a Febraury line-up so good you're going to get emotional!


First update of the year! We've done a little housecleaning in the Members area, trimming off about 150 galleries to tidy things up a bit. And we've added a new gallery from a very recent release between Mia Yim and Tomoka Nakagawa.

Hopefully you've seen that we've got another 30 new videos available over on SLAMpegs. And that we've got a new free gallery up here!


Another year older, another year gone...
But what a great year it was! Thanks to all of our fans that were along for the ride through '13. We got to work with some great people throughout the year and, we think, kept standards pretty high while still providing you with more product then ever before.

We leave you and 2013 with this match between Mschif and Miss Rachel.

What's coming up? Who can know. Well, in the short run, we'll have another batch of new videos available on SLAMpegs.com, we'll have a new free gallery on the 1st and we'll be back on Thursday with the first photogallery update of 2014!
Stay safe so's you don't miss nuthin'!


Give me a Hell Yeah if you enjoyed some of this year's Christmas activities!
We had fun finding, organizing and bringing it you--and we're back with more today as we bring you the regular gallery update. This one features 2 masked ladies going at it streetfight style-the full story can be found in SLAMpeg 1182.

Continue to stay well and we'll see you on Monday with the last video of 2013 (whatever you take that to mean...)


It's almost here-Hope that you're having the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny effing Kaye! Whatever you celebrate or celebrated, as long as you have giving in your heart and you love the little childrens, you're A-ok by us.

We've had quite the sleighful of sales and goodies-hope that you took part. If you did, thanks and please remember that we're here at other parts of the year for all of your wrestling needs. Those other times are what keep the doors open and make our discounts possible, so don't be shy and support us if we made you happy.
SLAMminLadies-Where Your Friends Are.

As for today, we give you a match between Fantasia and Mercedes Martinez--yay!!

Looking ahead, we're proud to announce our first shoot of 2014 featuring such names as Serena Deeb andLeah Von Dutch. Look for full details coming tomorrow!

Last week's little contest about our latest Classics gallery? Epic failure with zero interest shown... The contest one has been replaced with the regularly marked photos. Perhaps another time...

Hope that you'll stop by for one more day of freebies and the conclusion of a bunch of our sales. Have a Happy Krimble and then we'll see you again on the other side of the X for 2013's last photoset update!


Often mistaken for brother and sister, today's Update's combatants are not actually related! Lorelei Lee and Nooie Lee battle it out in a photoset from a best selling match, currently available on SLAMpegs.com.
We also have a set of Classics photos sure to take you back a ways.

At least one of the ladies featured in our new Classics gallery aren't actually wrestlers. If you can pick out which one or ones, email us at slamminladie123@gmail.com and tell us. The first 3 correct guesses earn the $10 SLAMpeg of their choice. Tell us who the ringer(s) is/are and we'll throw in another $10 SLAMpeg.

Hope that you've been keeping up with our 12 Days Sales and features. Lots of rare and unreleased photos and even a free video match or 2 and some pretty remarkable savings. We're more than half way through and time's dwindling!


Wow, we're exhaustepated...
Despite a few hiccups, one heck of a live SHINE 15, about 17 1/2 hours to shoot about 60 projects (more to shoot later this week!), we added another 15 new SLAMpegs and continued on with our 12 Days sales and free content.

And then, here we are with a new match update: Ivelisse and Taeler Hendrix in a hair-focused one-sided contest.

More sales and more free content coming up all through all the shopping days left until Christmas.
Enjoying anything in particular? Don't be afraid to let us know so that we can be guided in the future.


It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Another year is almost gone and here we are with 2013's Oh What Funnest promotion-Our 12 Days of Christmas!

It's been another banner year for us with some really great visitors and developments. We don't claim to be the saviors of any industry, but we're here week in and week out with the best that we can do and we appreciate you being there too.

With that in mind, we're giving you 12 consecutive days of sales and freebies from now through the 24th of December. We'll be trying some Twitter giveaways and we'll be having some fun along the way, too.
Those that have been around for a time know what kind of depth of material we have to draw from. For this event we've dug deep into the archives and we've culled from the as-yet-unreleased to showcase as many of the ladies on our vast roster as possible.

We kick it off with today's deal-half off a non-recurring month of the site. You'll be able to see all of the upcoming deals, each of which will become active on it's planned day. We hope that you'll plan ahead and be a little elfish to get yourself a present or 2. There are deals in all price ranges, so whether you're an impulse or a comparison shopper, we've got something for yule

On the freebie side, we've got the first of 12 daily features-Today it's posed shots of some of the great ladies we've worked with. What will the rest of the days bring? Some will be serious, some will be fun--there will be prizes at stake at various times (especially for those what read good)! Come by each day and see because after the 26th, everything goes back into the attic!

Everything is linked through 2 small banners on the Home page. Use 'em!
Enjoy and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of each other over the coming days.


Update time is here again-Photos from an unreleased match between Allysin Kay and Kellie Skater

We're also adding some shots from Monday's match too.

You're coming by tomorrow, right. I mean, we didn't get your RSVP, but we know you'll want to see what happens over the next-oh, I don't know-12 Days or so...


Match that we've had in the vaults for a while finally sees release today. Trenesha fans rejoice as she faces Rain today!

Ramping up for a big finish this week-SHINE 15 is coming up fast and we'll be starting some great and fun features and sales as well, so be sure and check in and hang with us to the big day!


Photoset from a match between TRacy Taylor and Veda Scott in today's update. And the compiled Daily SLAMs of November 2013 as well!

Friday the 13th can give you the dreads, but this year it means SHINE 15 and the 12 Days, so get ready for that double whammy!


A new month always brings with it lots of new stuff, so you've picked a good day to stop by!
Here, we have a new free gallery and we're having a sale. The sale runs through Tuesday and includes deals on DVDs, $15 SLAMpegs and new stock in our ebay store. Interested? Check here.

We've also got 30 new SLAMpegs available-including the debuts of Hiroyo Matsumoto and Tomoka Nakagawa and lots interesting matchups.

Today, we have for you a new match between Leva and Sassy Stephie that we're sure you'll enjoy!

Keep an eye out for the next Kharma video tomorrow!

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7-02-04 - Our Grand Opening!

No updates yet--We've just opened here! We're starting with:

6 exclusive photo galleries featuring Lexie Fyfe and Fantasia, Lacey and Rain, Jenny Taylor and Krissy Vaine, A J Sparx and Hellena Heavenly, Syren and Amy Love and Lexie vs. Daizee Haze.
1 Move of the Month (The Sharpshooter)
2 exclusive video matches-Angel Williams vs. Tracy Brooks and A J Sparx vs. Hellena Heavenly!

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