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This veteran of the ring is all old school and she can do it all. Fantasia is a brawler, a chain wrestler, a mat technician and watch out for her power moves. She can be sweet and innocent outside the ring but once she steps through the ropes all bets are off. This blonde Amazon will take your head right off if you're in her way!!

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 219
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Hometown: Miami, FL
Birthdate: 09/04
Year started wrestling: 1992
Style of wrestling: Old school, power wrestler
Where you trained at: MEWF and Monster Factory under Nasty Angel and Spike
How it all started: My power lifting and volleyball coach took me to a live show in Baltimore,MD, it was the NWA. Misty Blue vs Linda Dallas, I got to meet them and they told me I would be good at it due to my size so I looked into it and here I am today.
Finisher: Powerbomb or belly to belly supplex

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