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Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blueish Green
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Stu Hart Country
Year started wrestling: Started training in 1982 first pro match in 1983 January - British Columbia, Canada against Velvet McIntrye and, yes, we became world tag champions together. I wrestled under Melissa Doll for those two months and then I left and went to All Japan Women's Wrestling as Desiree Petersen from Copenhagen, Denmark for my mom being from Denmark.
Style of wrestling:What ever it takes. Pro, collegiate and nasty, okay let's throw in some sexual too.
Finishing move: We learned them all - so whatever it took and some of the new ones I'm still learning.
How it all started: The truth is I had a friend in Calgary, Alberta who always wanted to get into wrestling and when we went to the Pavillion the Hart Boys and Honky Tonk Man would only talk to me because the Harts knew me. Stu Hart told my mom he would not let the boys train me because they're mean and to send me to Moolah's and off to Moolah's I went and that's some of the story...

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